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Brake problem

17 February 2000
San Francisco, CA
In the BMW club event in Thunderhill. Jim Grinstead (91 NSX) broke one of his Front rotor of the hub. The rotor stop moving but the wheel keep rolling. This is the first time ever I saw something like this ever. Just be aware and probably a good idea to change the rotor as well when u change the pads only if u bring your car to the track often. I don't think this will be a problem if u just use your nsx for the street
Did the rotor itself break or did the bolts break off the hub? You should inspect the bolts regularly if you use the car at the track. A couple can be damaged and that puts more stress on the rest of them leading to such a failure.
Originally posted by David:
The stock brakes are not good enough for track events anyway. They fade faster than any other sports car I have ever driven.

I've done quite a few track events and find that the stock pads don't fade all that fast - except when they're new. Like all pads, they need to go through a few cycles of severe heating and cool-down in order to avoid fading.

That being said, there are some excellent aftermarket brake pads available, such as the ones from RM Racing.