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Breakfast at DeLeon Springs Sep 16,2012

17 November 2004
Orlando, fla
How many people up for a breakfast Meet at The Park De Leon Springs?
September 9, 2012 a Sunday morning.

Park opens at 8am, so the earlier the better. But i'd say lets shoot for 9:30a. We should be able to all park together. We went back in Nov 2009

We are given our own Pancake mix and eggs, where nobody but you, can mess up the order, as you cook your own food

Here is a link with directions, times, and other activities available.

Would like to know how many people interested by August 26, 2012 to be able to get reservations.

Heres a link to the Nov 2009 thread with pics. http://www.nsxprime.com/forum/showthread.php?t=128761&highlight=breakfast&page=2
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Great point! Give me a day or so.
Sep 9th should work if good for everyone.
Works for me....unfortunately my NSX will be in a trailer headed to NSXPO but I'll bring my other mid engine car....if that's OK.

Wait . . . . when did you get an MR-2? :biggrin:
I will be moving to NSB in 2 weeks so. The meet is sept 9th correct? I will be at the meet and look forward to meeting all you nsx guys!
Actually 2 things, first we haven't had a strong enough response.
Second, that date is squeezed between Labor Day on Sep 3.
Deleon Springs Sep 9
Nsxpo Sep 16

We will postpone until a date in Oct.

Thanks Oster