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Brembo F50 14" <50 miles use BBK

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11 May 2003
Midland, TX
These bad boys are Brembo F50 14” (355mm) brakes. F50 brakes are larger than the Brembo 14” Lotus series brakes. The F50 discs are 32mm thick while Lotus discs are 28mm. F50 kits retail for about $500 above Lotus series brakes. These came off the rear of my NSX and have less than 50 miles on them. I have an identical pair on the front of the NSX.

Autowave recommended that I replace these 14” Brembos with 13” Brembos on the rear and leave the front 14” brakes in place. So that’s why I have an extra set. Too much stopping power at the rear upsets the balance of the car. But these are perfect for the front, with smaller brakes at the rear.

You’ll need 18” tires and wheel spacers to clear the F50 calipers. These would look great on a car with a widebody kit. I’ll include blueprints for the adapters for the front and rear, which can be made easily by a machine shop. I had mine made out of titanium. Stainless steel rear brake lines are attached and I’ll also include two Brembo logo transfer decals for the brakes.

These things are heavy so you’ll be responsible for shipping costs. Each 355mm x 32mm disc is 16.2lbs and each caliper is 9.2lbs. Even though they’re heavy, the OEM (12”) parts (picture) are 2.6lbs heavier at each wheel.




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