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Brembo rear BBK to complement 993 turbo front kit

20 January 2008
After many years of racing with my home designed rear BBK based on modified AP Racing CP 7611 calipers, I decided to buy the Brembo rear BBK.
The decision was based on safety and performance first and looks second.
Safety because my design used the OEM NA2 303*23 disks that had a very hard time on fast tracks eventually leading to an disintegrated disk!
Performance because the Brembo kit uses 328*28 disks that provide more rear brake torque with enhanced cooling.
The Brembo kit also nicely matches the desired front to rear brake ratio with a 53.8 % front bias in conjunction with the Porsche 993 turbo front calipers.
Finally it will look good to have the 328 disks in the rear to match the 322's upfront.
I will mount the kit in the spring and feedback the riding experience.


BTW this upgrade will not enable me to catch one of these...

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I weighed the OEM rear calipers at 4.5 kg.
The Brembo's are down to 3 kg with pads.
A good saving but you need to add the parking brake.
Nope! Not going to catch a Panigale, R or non R version. However, the NSX has the great advantage that you can drive it to the store to pick up a case of bear and transport it home. Even R compound tires on an NSX probably last longer than any tire on a Panagale. The Panagale reminds me of one of those Wyle E Coyote creations like a jet engine strapped to a skate board with a seat on top for the passenger.
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