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Bridgestone RE-11 215/40/17

3 July 2005
Apparently the Re-11 is available in UK in 215/40/17??? Anyone have idea if and when these will be available in N.America? I need to match my new rears!!!

Do I wait or should I get something else?
I'm thinking it should be available soon...
They're not listed in the specs on Bridgestone's website. I wouldn't count on them becoming available here any time soon, in the absence any specific information indicating that.

Why would you get rear tires for which fronts aren't available? :confused: I would send the rears back, then get a matching set (same make/model, front and rear). The Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec is a good alternative; it comes in 215/40-17, as well as all the rear sizes that are used with it.