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Broken or bad parts, engine mounts, main relays, CCU, switches, motors, etc.

6 October 2010
Las Vegas
Looking for any worn out/damaged/broken NSX parts, including:

engine mounts
climate control units
main relays
ignition switches
window motors
ABS units
throttle cables
anything else!

Shoot me and email letting me know what you have, and we can discuss price.

I have an ABS unit out of a 97 and a window motor unit. Are you interested?

Your private message inbox is full. Let me know your email and we can discuss details. Thanks
I have a main relay. I'm not sure it's broken, but to be safe, I'd like to assume this one blew and I replaced with a new one. I can't recall, I haven't owned an NSX in years and found this while cleaning out the garage.

Let me know,
- Zishan
I have some interior trim pieces that aren't in great shape - rocker covers. LMK