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Brooklands Green - Roof black or green?

18 January 2022
Basel, Switzerland
Hi everbody

My car gets a paint correction and now I am wondering if my black roof is original or if it was black painted at some point.
Also the stripes will be removed and the original wheels will be mounted back on.

It seems that my car is a 1994-1996 modell. In the Internet are many pics with both colors so I am totally confused.

My B pillars and the door frame looks original black, but it als could be painted at some point. I want to do it the right way, so I can finish this project finally.

Does anybody now which year had a black roof or was it an option? Many thanks for your help!

Best greetings from Switzerland

Black roof was always an option in Japan up to 2005. U.S. dealers could support it on a special order until 2002, even though most 97+ moved to body color as standard.
Makes sense it's black because yours is a coupe.
No. The NSX-T wasn't introduced until 1995. Before that, all cars were coupes, and all had black roofs -- EXCEPT the 1994 Brooklands Green coupes, which almost all had green roofs.

The info in the screenshot posted earlier suggests that "20(?)" of those cars might have had black roofs, but that's almost certainly incorrect and the actual number is less than 10.

@Reinhard, what's your VIN? The small number of black-roof cars would have had very low serial numbers.
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