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Buffalo Wild Wings Chino Hills 9-23-09

17 June 2009
Chino ;)
It seems no one could make it out to the meet tonight, so I am going to try to get another one going next wednesday, 9-23-09 at the same place. I will be there at 10 pm. Last time we had 9 people show up I think, so lets try to do it again.

Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar
3160 Chino Ave
Chino Hills, CA 91709-3518
(909) 591-9035

1. NSXFTW (Jason)


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I would like to go as long as work schedule permits and there is some more interest. I always enjoy wild wings and the rare opportunity to take the car out.
Thomas said he would be down. Waiting for him to chime in. Where are all the johns and brians??
lol i'm down for some wings, is anyone else going? I know there aren't too many prime members in our area.
I don't get my nsx back until Friday... I will try to show up in my DD (I get out of class around 8PM)

The benefit of this time around, is the option to pick either bone-in, or bone-less wings.

2. Ilya
3. LastExile
4. Scorp965
5. You?

Whats ur nsx in shop for now. You have every part made on it lol. I gona hit andy up timmrow to see if hes down. But 4 or 5 said they were cimming and 8 showed so this wed should be cool.
Thats cool as most ppls didnt get there till 1030 or so anyways. Only 1/9 people were there at 10 last time. We park at the top of the lot across from the door, same as last time. I should be there around 10, depending on how much of a dick my bosses are at work that night
I definitely plan on showing up as long as anything unexpected doesn't come up. Looking forward to some real (not boneless) mango habanero wings.
I will be there tomorrow..... :smile:

Unfortunately my NSX is sleeping in Germany :cool:

Don´t wonder if there is someone who can not speak english very well :redface:

why is your car still there. You in the army and it hasn't got shipped back? sick look thouggh. love the kit.
yea, i got the story. Talking to thomas on team fortres lol. He said you were on vac. Custom bodykit and stuff huh. Thats really cool.
Great times guys. Had fun as always. I almost got pulled over right after ilya gunned it on 71. Cop ran plates when i got off exit. I flashed high beams to say later, cop prob thought i was trying to warn you lol.
yea, photos are great. You should have seen/been to the last one if you are close by. I think there were 9 of us. Johns nsx was not in the above pic cause he was getting work done and andys lotus was at home. they rocked the honda accord was it ;)