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Buffalo Wild Wings meet chino hills thursday

17 June 2009
Chino ;)
Im posting this up in advance as another member said he would be down to come out to the boneless wings party that goes on thursdays at buffalo wild wings. This thursday, I will get there about 9:30-10:00. Anyone down to go?
I will be there, here is the address:

Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar
3160 Chino Ave
Chino Hills, CA 91709-3518
(909) 591-9035

August 27th (Thursday), at 9:30PM; there is a large parking lot, and plenty of safe parking (also easy driveways); it's right off the freeway.


1. *NSXFTW* (Jason)
2. Scorp965 (John)
3. You?
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Hey John. That Wild Wings is right next door to me. As long as I don't end up working unusually late on Thursday night, you can count me in.
Maybe a little base line tune before to give me an excuse to be in the area?
I usually park in the back by the medical parking. Well i wouldnt say back, its the parking across from the front door at the other side of the lot. Theres a medical building with a row of prob 20 spots that face buffalos doors. No one gets hit up there knock on wood. I be there at 10 ;)
See you guys there. Like I said park across from the front door by the medical building. No one gets hit up there :)
Just go. Its not till like 10 anyways. Plus im sure we'll be hanging for an hour or two anyways.
I finished up work on time and will definitely still be there. Will be only the second time I've even had time to take my car out since I got it back from Autowave.
since im kinda far i might start heading there in a few should we go eat first kinda hungry :D so if u dont see my by my car ill be inside eating and pigging it away :biggrin:
We should try to do this monthly or something. That would be great. Any more pics? I hope to see all you guys next thurs at costa mesa. Anyone wana caravan?