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Building an Exhaust

17 January 2007
Right now my I have just finshed rebuilding the engine and the car is being repainted a few final things to get done but the major one on my list is the exhaust. Its too quite and IMHO ugly. As I live in Chile the cost of importing one is huge, frieght taxes etc so I think I will get one custom made. I think I will leave the cats in but want to build something new, something like the GTLW but not so light.

So here my list and I would love as much input and help from you guys.

Simple single pipes
"light weight" ( as light as possible)
Fabricating an exhaust should be fairly easy for a competent muffler shop. I would first decide what design you want (center exit vs. oem vs. single/dual exit, etc), then figure out which mufflers fit (or which one you want to use). The tips will be up to you (dual, single, thick/thin wall, angled, straight cut).

I personally would just buy one that's already made.

Did you look into how much it would actually cost if you brought one in? It might be cheaper than you expect.
What kind of skills and resources do you have? I've been doing exhaust for years. I'm waiting for
A few parts to come in then ill put mine up on the rack and get it together. If you have the tools
And a nice wire feed welder...go on ebay...buy yourself a variety of 2 1/2" MANDREL bent pipe sections
And a magnaflow. 2/ 1/2" dual in dual out muffler and some nice muffler tips of your choice. You
Will need the muffler flanges as well. Get the muffler positioned where it fits and where you want it...
Tac weld some pipe from flanges and make your way to the muffler using the mandrel bends
And you won't need to flair or pop up on the pipe because you will butt weld all pipe. Continue up
To the tips. After you tac welded everything drop it down and weld it up. If you want to get creative
Take a grinder like I will and grind all the welds down and either paint it or powder coat it. I bought
Titanium to make my tips but you can do whatever you want. The benefits to this way or going to a
Muffler shop is they will use the pipe bender and you can have a bend with up to 20% reduction
In flow. Mandrel bends are the was to go. As far as weight? Its no taitec system lol but you made it
Exactly the way you want tips muff and all. Hope this inspires you
I agree, start with mandrel bent tubing. It is available in U shape pieces. You just need to pay attention when you cut them so the angle of the cut is correct so the pieces match up nicely. I made headers for another car that came out very good using this method.