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Built-in Cup Holder...


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28 June 2007
Hi, everybody,

Let me introduce myself. I have been a prime lurker since a long time ago, I forgot when I started. I currently own a 2004 yellow NSX. I originally leased the car, thinking by the time its up, the new NSX should be almost out, but its not, and I just couldn't let it go, and I finally bought it, financed of course. One of the problem with NSX, as you all know is cup holder, and I don't like the idea of after market cup holder hanging somewhere in the car. Some of them good, but I just prefer not to. The problem is I always like to bring drinks on the road, and it is very dangerous to put in the OEM cup holder. A very slight turn of the steering wheel and the whole drink could collapse, ruining everything... that's why I'm trying to DIY a built-in cup holder. I am NOT a designer and NOT an artist. The first try I did was unsatisfactory and I did a few things wrong. I would like to do a second try with better measurements and design. This is just strictly for my personal use. It takes so much time, but I like it, kind of like a hobby. Anyway, I would like some suggestions and maybe designs changes before I try the second one. Basically, these are what I need help from everybody:
- Shape (more curve, longer, shorter, taller, etc)
- Stiching (where it should go, to fit better into the original cabin design)
- Color?
- Any other suggestions?
- Photoshop mock-up sample would be great

Thanks for everybody who take the times to read my first post.



Do you know that the NSX have built in Cup holder under the arm rest?


The OEM cupholders are unusable, a POS. Worst idea Acura had in these great cars IMO.
I guess Acura caved in to pressure from North American markets? The older cars have no cupholders. On long trips, we use bottles stuck between the seats and the doors.
I cut 2 three inch sections of 3 inch PVC, painted them black, and snugged them in console. Not pretty. but I've never spilled a drink and I think it cost about 40 cents. But considering my license plate is held in place with duct tape, and a raccoon sleeps on the roof of the car most nights, I'm may not be the best souce of how to treat the car right.
There was another thread similar to this but I'll be darned if I can find it now. A guy had milled a cupholder out of aluminum and inserted it in the console much like the one pictured. It looked great!
Anybody here with a better memory/search skills?:redface:
I don't eat or drink when driving my NSX.

When traveling, my wife and I prefer to stop and hit a diner.

lol my cup holder is between the passenger seat and the comptech harness bar.