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Very clever cup holder solution

The oem holder is a fiddly thing for my 96 that goes into the armrest storage bin not a great place for drinks..elbow vs liquid..I have a fire extinguisher bracket where he placed his..
I just use a water-tight thermos type stainless steel water bottle and toss it on the passenger seat. If I plan to get totally sideways - I put it in the glovebox. Rarely have a passenger due to my er...heavy foot! I must say mine looks pretty much like the white one (but not Acura) ....but while I was browsing to find one that did - I found instead a grey combo water bottle/bluetooth speaker that looks suspiciously UN-genuine - (could only find on eBAy _
other one.jpg- anyone ever hear of this!?) acura official waterspeaker.png Now I might order one to see how bad it leaks and how bad the speaker is!