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Busted AC line

15 January 2005
DC Metro area Nokesville
I bought my 92 with the AC lines detached from the car I noticed that one of the detached lines were broken. I took the car to the shop when I bought it and my tech said the compressor "seemed" OK. I just instaled the new line and her are my questions:
If my tech wants 400.00 to flush the system , do a vacum check and fill the sytem can I buy all the equipment necessary to do the same job. Or is this like ......alighnments were you just have to pay to get it done ...
What equipment will I need to buy (I know refrigerant)
what steps do I need to take?
I am pretty good working on cars but I dont usualy screw with AC systems ...
Thanks in advance...
Sounds like you are paying for 3 or 4 hrs labor plus freon and flush. This is fair *IF* he is going to remove ALL lines from their anchors and flush completely and correctly. I would make sure you find a very experienced and reputable a/c tech for this.

If the a/c system has been open for a while, you are likely to have other problems. The drier's desicant is trashed and the rec/drier needs replaced.
If it was disconnected downstream of the expansion valve through this past winter, the compressor is not long for this world if it works at all. The exp. valve is probabally most vulnerable to a small piece of debris shutting down all cooling.

As for doing it yourself, I would not if I were you. Your system has additional challenges than just replacing parts, and even a trained NSX tech will have his hands full if the system was left open. All the *right* tools will cost the same or more than your estimate, and you can't buy the specialized knowledge you'll need. At least, not by summer :eek:

I sincerely thank you for your advice this is the kind of input that I was looking for..
BTW I was out in Phoenix last month and I am Jelouse (sp??) your roads are strait long and flat .. I spent all week wishing Nina (NSX) was with me...