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Can anyone confirm a difference after A/C removal!

26 January 2005
Curves and Bends
I was considering removing my A/C belt and compressor. I just wanted to confirm the benefits before doing so. Even better if reponses are backed up with numbers.
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You might get with "Sudesh" over at NSXCB as he did it on his awhile ago.
He could give you some long term info.

compressor you mean.

make sure if you do plug the Pipes so dirt and grit doesnt get inside
What is the benefit (over just keeping A/C turned off), weight savings?

Even if you're not in warm weather the climate control will use the A/C for to control (lower) humidity...i.e. to keep the windows from fogging up. So, I would probably not even turn off, except at the track. If you're building a race car, very different story (likely the whole climate control system will be removed).