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Can anyone in Austin, Texas help me please?

28 December 2001
Berwyn, PA

I have been looking at this 93 NSX located in Austin, Texas, and I was wondering which dealers or mechanics to contact to have them inspect the car?

Any suggestion would be appreciated.
I would say have it checked out by McDavid Acura. Who is selling the car, I am sure some austin folks wouldn't mind checking it out. I will be out of town the next week and a half other wise I could do it.

92 Red/Blk
Thank you for your suggestion.

This place called Apple Sports Imports has the car. The manager there told me that they could have "Inspection Solution" to look at the car, but I don't even know who "Inspection Solutio" is, and how they are affiliated with Apple Sports Imports.

Thank you.
Yeah, i don't know if i would trust the dealer's "independent" inspector. Same when you buy a house and the builder provides the "independent" inspector. I would insist that they let you have it checked out by the Acura dealership...if the car is clean they have nothing to hide.

92 Red/Blk
Definitely have it brought to David McDavid, if you want I might even be able to pick it up and bring it there myself (I seem to have an abundance of time on my hands).
...or you can have me take a look.
Apple on 620? Right up the road from my house. I've never dealt with these guys before, but I drive by all the time. I sent you a private e-mail with my phone numbers.
Yeah, Apple on 620. I looked there for my first NSX, but it wasn't in good condition, so I kept searching, and found the one I eventually bought around 4 months later in Plano.
If you're looking for particular names, I'd recommend Scott the mechanic at David McDavid Acura. He's a knowledgable all around nice guy.

'96 Black/Tan NSX-T
Thank you so much for your assitance and willingness to help me.

David Bernert went over to the place, and inspected the car for me. I will have Scott to do the follow up on the car.

I truly believe that NSX owners are the best people out there (I hate to say this, but BMW club do not come close to yours in terms of pure support and altruism).

Thank you.