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Canadian F1 Grand Prix

25 November 2004
Upstate NY
Do any NSX clubs drive up o the Canadian Grand Prix each year? Is there any special parking for NSX owners/clubs? I'll be driving mine up this June. For those who haven't attended this event--it's a gas!!!
I was thinking about going myself. I don't know of any special events planned though. Keep me posted on your plans, it could be the last year of V10 F1 and the field looks competitive this year. Montreal is a great town any day, but with F1 it's fantastic!
Was there a few years back,2001. I couldn't believe the noise those cars make!
Here is a pic of our seats, not bad. They had some large tv's set up to watch the rest of the track. Nice view of Montreal from the Island that the track is on. Don't think you'll get your NSX to the Island. Maybe on the subway!
Each nite they block off streets and have one make of car showcased on each street. What a hoot! Sorry, I'm standing by an F car.
Had a nice surprize when I got home, Drinks and a Limo and........
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Montreal on F1 weekend is unbelievable! The whole town is in party mode--hot cars everywhere. C'mon NSX clubs--plan a trip!
The Canadian Gran Prix is by far the best race event I've been to. IMHO, the USGP doesn't come close to compare. The only problem is that the race is announced in French and incomprehensible to this Okie's ears. Mass transit is great, the food is great, the event itself is great, and EVERYONE in the city is excited about the event.
Doc308 said:
Montreal on F1 weekend is unbelievable! The whole town is in party mode--hot cars everywhere. C'mon NSX clubs--plan a trip!

Montreal on any summer weekend is in party mode! :biggrin: So I am thinking that the F1 weekend is a must!

I will see if I can make it this year...
I am planning to be there with my NSX, too.

I may take the initiative and try to set something up for the NSX Club of America if there are a lot of interests.
If something is set up that would be great! I'm planning to go to but haven't bought my race tickets yet. If I hear something soon I'll book right away, but won't leave it to long before I do. Keep me posted!
I bought my tickets today! It should be a great race. Gold seats are still available near the S/F line. http://www.grandprix.ca/ is the home site. Packages are available from http://vipprotours.com/f1grandprix.asp I found it to be a little cheaper to buy the ticket and hotel seperately but the tour package is very convenient. I hope to see some NSX'rs there!
Tickets for the Canadian GP are only a small part of the weekend, getting accomdatiions is the tough part.

Oh The Ladies, yes it about the ladies!!!!, the reacing is just iceing on the cake.

Hey Trev, My brothers and I have tickets on Grand Stand 33 for years.

We are in row CC, this is one of the best spot on the track, next to the Senna S.

See you in June!!!

What ticket to get?

I’ve never been to a GP before and am looking forward to this one. I’m in need of some advise regarding the different types of tickets. Currently, there is seating available in several grandstands at all 3 price ranges, as well as general admission.

I assume some sort of grandstand seating is what I should get. Is this correct? If so, out of the 6 ones still available (see image below), which would you choose?



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