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Canadian Motor Speedway - Fort Erie

3 June 2007
Is a GO!! Will be racing in 2014 and perhaps on track in late 2013.........how nice to have a world class track in my backyard, and look forward to running some track day events (car and bike) here..........been speaking to some companies about biz ventures and sponsors are supportive.......have to get my name on a list for a private garage :>). Read about it in the Toronto Star.

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Lional - there is definately going to be a 2.5 mile road coarse for cars and bikes and they are incorporating it with the oval it shows on the CMS site on the bottom. They are having bike racing there and already speaking with the various Series and some racers to get input for the track. This is going to be a world class facility - vehicle testing (similar to Honda in Ohio), snowmobile racing, drag strip, dirt bike track, R&D for electric vehicles, etc............400 million $$ buys a lot of track options.
Shawna...thanks for link.....great to have another track available....but looks like it is only an Oval... no road course.
Is that correct.?

This is what I was afraid of as well when I saw the earlier renderings. Thankfully its not the case.

I did find some humor in the mention of Jeff Gordon designing it. I can picture him now with a compass and a blank sheet of paper. :)