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car almost stolen/door damaged


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12 July 2000
Same old story...Ran inside (Fast food place) parked away from everyone, at one point thought I should at least look at it, everything fine. 2 min later- Car parked next to it with a guy with a crow bar working the driver door- I tell them to car the police, run outside, they hop in their car almost hit me and take off. I got the plate (forged), keep the car, and now have a drivers door that looks like someone took a can opener too it!! I live in NJ (short hills) who do I take it to? Allstate said I can take it wherever I want, I only have a $100 ded. so it isn't that bad but I am PISSED!!! BTW I have had the car a month...
Very sorry to hear about your car. It's amazing someone would try to crowbar the door open... breaking a window would be much faster, easier and does less damage. Anyway, it's a little drive but I know several NSXers in the NJ area who have used Neshaminy Auto Body right across the border in PA.

Call Davis Acura in Langhorne PA and they can give you a number for Neshaminy. It's right down from the dealership and that's where they send their customers damaged NSXs. Davis Acura's number is (215) 943-7000.

I think it's time to apply for that concealed carry permit!


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