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No longer the one that got away...

3 September 2007
Hello Prime,

I've been lurking these forums for quite some time admiring the first generation NSX from a far, until I saw the 02 NSX-R in Japan during a visit to Tokyo and Jay Laub's Hot Import Nights dominating Veilside Fortune NSX up close and personal. From then I knew I had to have one and signed papers on a 95 NSX-T back in 2007 when I signed up to Prime properly. It came as a surprise to both me and the dealer that Acura wouldn't finance a 1995 model in 2007 and the car slipped away.

All these years later a 97 NSX-T has fallen into my grasp and wasn't going to let this one go so easily. 2 years ago I found a local barn find NSX which I pointed my friend and he quickly grabbed it without hesitation. Now this 97 NSX-T ended up with him and luckily he took my S2000 in partial trade and now I'm the proud new owner of an NSX as well. Funny how things work out.

I've outgrown the extreme Veilside Fortune, but I'm still enamored by the old JGTC \ Super GT cars so I'll personalize the car in a way that will take those cars as inspiration but not at the expense of streetability - I have a dedicated track car for that. First order of business was to replace a damaged fender, and wanting to keep the car aluminum and try to use genuine parts as much as possible I ordered a pair of JDM fenders from Christian at ATR. I was lucky enough to find a set of Rays Forged Magnesium TE37's in a spec that should be streetable on the NSX and to me are the ultimate JGTC \ Super GT wheel for the street. Some JDM Honda badges, thirty some odd new fender liner clips and a few other refreshed hardware pieces and this is how she sits now.

I'm so thankful for Prime and that some of the old guard are still here. I'm not usually one to do build threads but since I need some posts to unlock the ability to PM I probably will start one up soon. More to come!


WhatsApp Image 2024-05-26 at 22.30.18_031a6be5.jpg
Nice story and NSX! Welcome "officially" to Prime! I've always loved the pearl effect in the Spa Yellow.
Welcome and great story that you eventually took ownership of! Spa Yellow is definitely up there in NSX colors for me. It seems pretty common to have NSX owners either coming from an S2000 or owning an S2000 alongside (being an owner of both myself). It's interesting to hear thoughts on how the two cars difference from owners. Can't wait to see how the JGTC influence comes in on yours!
Welcome neighbour! Gorgeous example. It was red or yellow for me, but there seemed to be a lot fewer yellow about - glad you got one. Rims (y) - about the only rims that can compete with the Zanardis.

If you get sick of the front plate, I regard the $150 fine every few years as a reasonable fee for looking that good on a classic car.
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Beautiful car! I just picked up a Spa Yellow 97 and am trying to decide which wheels to put on it. Was leaning towards BBS LMs, but have to admit the TE37 on your car has me wanting a set of those. Any more pics!?