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Car for sale deleted

10 February 2011
I posted my car for sale and I believe I had all the necessary information included. Can you please tell me why my thread would have been deleted?
read the reason in the pm that was sent to you.

i'll make it easier and will repeat it here. you must list the vin for any nsx for sale.
you did not list the vin.
simple enough?

if you don't want to re-create the ad, just post the vin here and one of us will go re-activate your thread with the info
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I need my thread restored too.

I initially forgot the price, but corrected and added it right away...$35,888.00

If I missed something else, let me know...


Hi GBL1,

The following thread that you created has been deleted

Thread: Dealer Listing: 1991 SILVER - Top Speed NSX - JH4NA1155MT003093
Forum: NSXs For Sale
Reason: ads require prices - per the rules

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