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27 July 2007
Denver, CO
Due to the recent scams in the parts forums, I am posting these rules as a reminder to members. First, I am implementing a new rule:

Going forward, ALL ads must contain a picture of the item for sale accompanied by the seller's Prime username and date on a piece of paper next to the item. Any new ad missing this info will be taken down, period.

This new rule should cut down on scammers using pictures of other peoples' NSX parts in their ads. GTR-Life uses it and it works well to stop scammers.

  1. Price is required in order to list any item for sale and may not be deleted after sale. Moderators will reinstate any deleted prices.
  2. All posts in response to a classified ad must 1) ask a legitimate and relevant question; or 2) provide accurate, first-hand information on that specific car or item.
  3. Offers should be made in private through the site private messaging function, not on the thread.
  4. Personal information (phone numbers, emails, address, etc.) should not be disclosed on the public thread. This information is publicly available and can be accessed by bad actors. Moderators will try to delete it, but the ultimate responsibility remains with the poster. Personal information should be conveyed privately between the parties through the "Conversation" PM system.
  5. "Bumps" which are the use of non-meaningful posts such as: "bump", "still available", "great deal", "unique item", "anyone?", etc. must be limited to once every 30 calendar days. Members are only permitted to refresh their ad prior to the 30-day limit by posting substantive new information, new pictures, or a meaningful change to a sale parameter, such as price or terms. For example by posting "Price reduced from $200 to $175", "Shipping and handling now at my expense", etc. Replying to questions or comments from interested parties does not count against the 30-day post limit.
  6. NSX Prime is not Ebay so any ad that simply says "make an offer" or "best offer" will be deleted. We are not an auction site.
  7. Do your homework to determine what price you will be asking. If your price turns out to be too low and you get multiple offers to purchase the item the first bona fide offer of the asking price gets it. This does not mean "I got dibs on the item" but requires an actual confirmed offer to the seller with inquiry about how to make payment.
  8. DO NOT increase your price and reject the full offers just because it turns out your pricing was too low. Any ads that get increased pricing because it became apparent there was a lot of interest in the item will be deleted ALONG WITH ALL OPEN ADS by that member.
  9. The sale of any non-OEM item with trademarked, copyrighted, or otherwise protected features is strictly prohibited. You may be asked to provide proof of permission/licenses to sell your items.
  10. When a part is sold, please edit the title of your thread to indicate: "***SOLD***" as a prefix. A moderator will lock the thread when we see this change.
We are a small community and need to be able to trust that each of us will deal in good faith.
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