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WTB 2002 - 2005 Formula Red - NO LONGER - FOUND ONE

29 March 2013
Houston, Texas
I am looking for a low mileage and completely stock NA2 but it must be red and have no stories. There is a nice one on Ebay right now but the bumpers don't match the rest of he car so my sense is that they have been painted. Interiors are flexible but I would prefer black. Will pay $185,000 for a sub 15,000 mile example and will pay $190,000 for one with a car cover, coffee table book, records, three keys and original purchase docs. I owned one of these for a long time and sold it only because it was the wrong color and I am looking to replace it with a formula red example.
I have been looking for the right deal for a long time (over a year). This WTB finally ended because I bought a 2004 NSX from Sarchionne in Canton, OH. I will say that they were excellent to deal with and my salesman was a man named Randy McQuaid. I bought the car from Sarchionne without ever seeing it and when it arrived it was better than described meaning that Randy really struggled to find a fault with the car.

I was lucky on this one because the car had a minor wreck on CarFax and that hurt the price (i.e. $105,000 asking with 40K miles). Before I agreed to the sale I had already located through a third party the original repair receipt to discover that it was, indeed, a very minor accident. It was a left front wheel and fender caused by the tire coming apart on the freeway and damaging the fender.
Post some delivery pics...we like those..