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carbon fiber dash kit--experiences?

17 July 2000
That black paint on the interior trim is starting to bubble on my 91, and in some spots you can see the silver plastic underneath. boo hoo. so i was thinking of getting some carbon fiber trim (like the RM racing kit) to cover this up. anybody have any experience w/ this kit or something similar?
I got a carbon kit from exotic woodtrim for $179.00....looks really nice with the black interior. I had a set of aluminum dash kit before looks rather tacky i thought so i changed it into carbon fiber. RM kit is more expensive but it also comes with more pieces.
The carbon fiber looks very nice as long as its real carbon fiber threading & not vinyl with CF printing on it. It is permanent once you adhere it, so make sure it's what you want. This being the case, don't buy the cheaper 3-piece kits. These don't have the pieces that cover the ashtray lid, clock display trim, & instrument cluster trim. Go for the complete kit. I found a company that
has the complete 6 piece kit ready to deliver and it costs about $250-that's half the price of the exact kit that RM sells! This company also stocks the latest material which is carbon kevlar which is an interwoven black & silver metallic thread, looks real sharp. They also will custom cut a kit using anodized aluminum or titanium--these take a month. Contact legendfive.com.
I have the carbon fiber interior kit and like it a lot. Get the one with pieces to cover everything or it is really obvious you have covered up the old material.

I bought mine about a year ago from Comptech (they were - amazingly - the lowest priced at that time). Shop around though, several places sell the same kit.
I have the cheap 3 piece kit from Exotic Wood dash and it looks great. I too had the bubbles on the dash and that bugged the living **** out of me. I too think the kit with the ashtray cover is better but I do not like the center vent or the clock trim as it sticks up too much and LOOKS like an add on, even more than the rest of the trim does. If I were to get the RM kit I would put all the pieces on except those two. But overall I am very pleased.

Anyone got pictures to show us?

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Yea!!! I second the motion... None of the various vendors actually show photos of the installed products in an NSX. Does anyone have some pictures of installed wood dashes?

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