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Center Console Painting

14 May 2014
I got my NSX with a long to-do list attached and one of the items was to replace/refinish the center console and door trim which was very wrinkled in many places.

After looking at the price of a new piece, I figured I could do an OK job on my own as a temporary solution. I scrubbed the forums and places online but couldn't find much about a respray job. The metal sticker underneath the paint seemed to be the main issue.

After getting a detailing job done my detailer said a buddy of his did a refinish of the console and did a DIY!

For the most part I followed these instructions but used a standard spray can for the paint color. I did peel off all of the metal sticker on the vents, and 95% on the center console. I did not remove any of it from the ash tray cover as there was no wrinkling there.


What I used (description is a link to amazon)

Dupli-Color automotive series sandable primer


Dupli-Color BHA0928 Graphite Grey M (NH91M)

Spray Max 2k Clear Matte



What I would do differently

More sanding - Some of the metal sticker was very thin in the hand brake area and I couldn't peel it off in that area. I thought I did enough sanding to smooth out the lines between the plastic and metal sticker. If you look closely you can still see a faint line where the sticker isn't peeled away. I think the DIY uses a much thicker primer, but cant be certain. If you think you should sand more, sand more.

Dark primer - I used a white primer but there is a darker primer you can also use. I would probably do that to darken the paint a little bit. The color is a bit lighter than the OEM color.

Link to dark primer version.

More bondo - I filled in some of the bigger scrapes with bondo, but would have done more of the smaller stuff for a better result.

Look for a darker color - The color that was suggested on the forums is close but a little lighter than OEM. I'd see if there is a darker color out there that fits and probably do some color testing if I did it again.


Overall about 2 days of work but 100% worth it to remove the terrible wrinkling that some of us see on the consoles. Removing the metal sticker is the hardest part and takes a lot of patience. Fire up a 6h WEC race and be prepared to spend a lot of time peeling of 1/4" wide sections one at a time. I will likely do it again as I need a bit more sanding and I want to try a dark primer, and different color paint. I'll update once I get that done.
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