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Need advice... Damper top mount zinc coating, replace or just spray it?

1 March 2005
San Diego, CA
Hello all,
I could use some advice. I'm going to be putting my stock suspension back into the car. I was looking over my OEM units and on one of them, I accidentally scraped/scrubbed away some of the zinc coating on the top mount. The way I see it, I have two choices.

I can use one of the available zinc cold-galvanizing sprays and coat the top mount. Although it would end up a primer gray color, I think it would be effective in protecting it against any steel-to-aluminum galvanic corrosion. Mask the damper, spray, and install. This seems easiest.

The other choice is to order a new top mount for around $70-$80. I don't know how easily available it is, but it's listed as available on the websites. I would probably need to take the unit to a shop so they could use a spring compressor to disassemble the damper and replace it. It seems a bit risky that a random shop would do it cleanly without scratching things up.

Any thoughts?
I'd probably just spray it. The hats are buried and hidden up in the wheel wells so it's not like anyone is going to see it.