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certified nsx tech for inspection in Raleigh?

23 March 2005
chicago-area, IL
Hey everyone,

Can someone recommend a nsx tech/inspector in the raleigh area?

I am hope to line up a trip to RDU to check out a car this week.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.
You might want to look at the inspection/service recommendations in topics in the Southeast Regional Forum (such as this one), and you also might want to post your question in that same forum. Locals often check their regional forum but may not be browsing the new/prospective owners forum.

Also, I would never go to the time and expense of checking out a car in person before someone local to the car does so. At a minimum, if you can't find a local owner to take a look, it would still cost a lot less money (and no time at all) to pay an hour or two of shop labor for the owner to take it to the local dealer, than it would to spend all day getting on an airplane to go down there.
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I live in the Raleigh area. There is a certified NSX technician in Raleigh. Steve Gooding. You can see many posts on the forum about Steve. He does NSX work as a side business, but has been traveling a great deal lately. He just completed an engine swap for one of the local owners last week.

I can take an educated look at this car for you later this week and discuss with you. Currently in Hilton Head SC but will be back in Raleigh mid day Tuesday.

PM me details. I may even know the car you are looking at personally since I maintain a roster of local area owners and organize NSX events in the area.

I'm in Raleigh and would be willing to give an overall look. Steve Gooding or Leith Acura are also other good routes for an actual inspection.