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Charlotte Area- Cars and Coffee @ Windstream HQ- Sat Aug 6th, 2016

7 November 2007
Charlotte, NC
Saturday, Aug 6th, 2016
Cars and Coffee Charlotte’s **New Location**

Windstream HQ
1720 Galleria Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28270
(Corner of Monroe Rd and Galleria Blvd, behind Bojangles)


Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the dog days of August in the South! It looks as if we are going to get some reprieve of the heat this Saturday and the new location provides a fair amount of shade which is great! We are excited to see everyone and hope you are able to tell a friend, neighbor, or co-worker about this great event. Come out and enjoy the great festivities!

A few house keeping items that will help us run a bit smoother: Bathrooms are located in the Bojangles at the top of the plaza. The Windstream HQ is not open to the public and we do not have any rights to use that location. The security guards in the building will direct you to the Bojangles. Also as the top parking lot fills there is a spill over lower lot with over 200 spaces that we should be utilizing. Larger groups that want to park together should start with the lower lot. It is a matter of first come first serve for the spaces provided. I know that a number of marquees like to park together for solidarity but I ask that you not reserve spaces for those not present. If you want to part together I would ask that you stage and gather your group together and parade in to insure that you find a location. Holding spots really causes some issues with moving cars in. I would also ask that we refrain from revving engines while you are cascading down the lanes to park, for safety reasons we don't want cars to jump out of gear or lurch and end up hurting someone. There are several people walking, strollers with kids and families with their pets along with them and an accident could derail this for everyone. The Sheriff Deputies are going to be positioned in different locations this week to increase the presence and to make sure that we are all on our best behavior. The CMPD has informed me that they will be patrolling Monroe Rd more often because they had reports last month of cars leaving at a rapid rate violating speed and traffic laws. The Captain of the Independence Division assured me that his officers will be issuing tickets, I would hate for a ticket to ruin someones outing. The property offers over 850 parking spaces; it is a secure location with three entrances, a traffic light to help with access, and a Bojangles’ restaurant at the top of the property giving us access to food and bathrooms. There are also several other restaurants, shops and gas stations nearby making things very convenient.

Cars and Coffee has a new and improved website http://carsandcoffee.com, Please log on and register! As one of the first communities outside of South California I would like to see our registration top all others! It is a good forum and an excellent source of information.

I have to take a second to thank a few people who were instrumental in helping to keep this event going and in securing the new location, Peter Nikonovich of Automotive International and Bob Pletcher of Maserati Charlotte have been beyond helpful in providing resources as well as insight on how to keep this event afloat, safe, and secure, for their assistance I am forever grateful. Mattie King formally of Mattie’s Diner has also been helpful in making connections and taking care of logistics to keep this event going. I am truly thankful for their willingness to help and keep this great event going for the City of Charlotte! After almost 8 years in existence we need to look at giving back to the community in other ways, more details will follow as I investigate how we can connect better.

Along with Levine Properties I thank Windstream for their generosity in allowing us to use the property. My promise to them is we leave the space better than we find it by not leaving trash behind and obeying property rules and regulations. I have toured the property several times and have the initial logistics worked out, but please be patient with our first few events as we add 500+ cars and people. We will have to learn how the property will respond to our use.

In any event this size it is imperative we have, obey and enforce key rules for the safety of all and insurance concerns. Following are the rules for those that may have missed them or those that just need a reminder.

Cars and Coffee Rules:

-Absolutely no burnouts or horse play in the lot or the roads surrounding the property. It is irresponsible and safety is a huge concern for us. This is a one-strike rule! Violators will be asked not to return and the matter referred to the CMPD/Sheriff's Dept.

-The Independence Division of the Mecklenburg Police Department is well aware of our event and will patrol the area. Speeding and unlawful behavior will not be tolerated on the public roads surrounding the property or on the Windstream HQ property. 911 will be called if antics prevail and the CMPD will respond!

-No vendors of any kind will be allowed to set up tables, booths, banners or tents. Fliers can be handed out to individuals but no signage, tables, or structures are allowed on the property per the tenet’s request. Fliers cannot be placed on or in cars without the owner’s permission.

-Trailers, box trucks and haulers will not be allowed. We need to gauge the traffic patterns and number of participants for a few events before we can accommodate larger vehicles.

-We are guests on this property. We need to leave the facilities better than we find them on each visit. Windstream is letting us use this facility free of charge so we need to respect it, there are trashcans throughout the property, please do not litter. If your car happens to leak fluid please clean it up.

-Uniformed Sheriff Deputies will be stationed at two points on the property. We hope this will deter any burnouts, rapid acceleration and general idiotic moves leaving the parking lot.

-We are asking bystanders not stand in front of Bojangles to film or loiter. If those leaving don't have an audience with video cameras it will greatly decrease incidents of poor behavior. There is plenty of room in the parking look to take pictures and see the cars up close.

-Eliminating onlookers at the entrance will also reduce the chances of anyone getting hurt by a vehicle entering or leaving the property.

Thank you and see you all on Saturday!