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Choices Choices

2 May 2000
St. Louis, Mo. USA
I'm looking for valued NSXers opinions:
Looking at 2 cars, both 91, same color

Car 1 - $38k all original, 10k miles, in snap ring range, has had minor paint work for dings/chips (now looks perfect), no other issues.

Car 2 - $32k, 54k miles, out of snap ring range, has new clutch, will need timing belt/waterpump, Has the following mods, Comptech headers/exaust, Intake, springs, slotted rotors, 18"/17" wheels.

The 6k price diff isn't a factor for me. I like the mods but not enough to pay to add them to car 1. Neither car would be a garage queen. But I do worry I might not enjoy car 1 as much for fear of rock chips, parking lot damage, while car 2 has minor blemishes already so in a twisted way would feel more suitable for an everyday car.

Which one seems like the better value, Perspectives anyone?

The prices sound reasonable. The first car would be fine for someone looking for a perfect low-mileage garage queen. The second car would be fine for someone who would enjoy the mods and put a fair amount of miles on the car. You're in the second category, so your choice should be pretty obvious; there's no need for you to spend the extra $6K.
As long as you like the mods on #2, it sounds like a better car for what you want and the price is quite good.