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Chris Willson, SOS Wins the 2012 Modified Magazine Tuner Shootout


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28 August 2000
Peoria, Arizona, USA
A BIG Congratulations to Chris and SOS for winning the 2012 Modified Magazine Tuner Shootout in his NSX..

Well done Chris !
Very proud of you brother !
Good for them,he has come a long way from our first nsxpo together.Can't wait to hear about the details,and car setup.
Way to go Chris! and science of speed! Thanks for the update Jim! any pics you can post?
He kicked Ass ?, LOL
I will leave the honor of the narrative to Chris.

He was awesome.
He made us all proud.

Not to mention he's from Arizona and a NASA-AZ brother :)

Great job. How about some details?
Good job guys! Way to keep our old relic relevant in motorsports:smile:
August issue of Modified Magazine will have the full spread. I don't know if they are allowed to talk about it before then :)

I had a great time watching / competing with Chris this weekend! I only wish I had my dash cam on when we were on west! It was EPIC!
Not sure when the issue of Modified Magazine will feature the event. Should be soon.

Chris I'm hoping with Chime in...

Congratz, where can we find out more?
Wow, Congrats. Can't wait to read the details. Love to see video.
Nice job Chris.
Is the issue on the stands already?
Congratulations Chris!
...just caught this thread... congrats Chris!
Congratulations, Gentlement. Couldn't happen to a better guy. You do us all proud, Cristoff! :)