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climate control user instructions


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19 December 2004
Does anyone have a scan of the original NSX Climate Control user instructions (not the workshop manual)? I bought my NSX without any books etc.
I have done all the tests, it works fine, but a little warm air still blows through (when AC is off) when I set it on cold. I think maybe the water valve needs adjusting, but since this is the first car I’ve owned with climate control, maybe there’s something I don’t understand. Wouldn’t be the first time…
AC off means AC not working - so no wonder you get warm air. Usualy all you need to know is that you can push the auto button (AC on) and set your desired temperature. Be aware that the system sets itself in cycle mode when you choose 18 degrees C. You can then push the cycle button back to "air from outside" if you want.
Thanks NSX-Racer,
But when AC is off, and the heater core is shut off (I assume that’s what the valve does), then I should get cold air from outside (when its on “through-air).
But I get slightly warm air. Is this normal, or is the “heater-core-water off-switch” not closing all the way?
What I’m trying to get is cool outside air, without having to use the AC. So I thought maybe here was a setting for this.
Or maybe all NSXes have slightly warm air when it is set on cold, because the air passes over the heater core anyway.
I don’t know. I would like to see the instructions for the climate control that came with car when it was new so maybe I can understand how this thing works. BTW I did the tests in the manual, it works fine. But cold outside air is slightly warm.
Peter the Idiot :redface: