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ClubITR Monthly Meets

21 October 2011
Hi All!

First I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Felix and I run ClubITR with the help of some awesome moderator friends. This is my car. In May, I will have owned it for 9 years. I love it and one day I'll own an NSX. With my younger brother overseas and potential to work in Japan, it could possibly happen :eek:

I've noticed that it's pretty quiet in the Australia section here and not sure how often you guys meet. So I'd like to extend the invitation to you guys here to join us if you guys are free and would like to meet awesome people who love their cars just as much as you guys do. We currently have meets in NSW, VIC & QLD (trying to get WA guys to meet). Nico has joined us a few times as well.

Here are some links to coverage from our Annual BBQs last year. NSW, VIC & QLD.

If interested, please feel free to sign up to the forum and join us :)

If the weather is fine I'll be there.
Thanks for attending the VIC meet David :) I think you made a lot of the guys drool. I hope you enjoyed it!

The photos don't seem to be ready yet but here's a teaser from Matt.