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cmc140's OEM Stereo&Amp Uprade/Repair Service

19 April 2016
cmc140's NSX Radio RestoMod/Repair.

cost breakdown (as of 12/31/2018 in $USD)
$350-OEM Radio Repair (if it turns on)
$200-Bluetooth Tapedeck Mod upgrade (awesome! see below)
$50/ea(x3)-speaker/sub amplifier replace caps

Total stereo refurb:
($700) with Bluetooth option
($500) no Bluetooth just refurb

Chris' contact info: [MENTION=13572]cmc140[/MENTION] (Prime contact) or (cmc140 AT gmailDOTcom)

email him, carefully package and ship him your stuff, wait patiently, price includes return shipping in the USA, enjoy!

Small review from me:

This is the best bang for the buck stereo upgrade for the NSX hands down:biggrin:

I didnt have to cut anything, fabricate anything etc. Its all plug and play. It looks 100% factory.

For a really great sounding OEM stereo, i was actually surprised at how nice it was with everything freshly rebuilt. Sounds are crisp and clear throughout and certainly more than i expected from a OEM setup. Yes, sound quality is subjective but it really does sound great and the subwoofer is more than adequate now. The Bluetooth interface works flawlessly and is easy to use. The head unit modification is about 1/3 the price of the Wilmans mod and 100% reversible. Chris was awesome to work with, great communication and a really well thought out product by a community member.

Chris' "manual":

Acura NSX OEM Radio with Bluetooth Interface.
This custom modification is based on the original OEM Alpine/Bose radio that came with AM, FM, Cassette, and the optional 6 CD Changer. The cassette tape deck has been replaced with a Bluetooth Wireless Audio Receiver. AM, FM, and CD look and operate the same as the original OEM head unit, using the same front panel knobs, buttons, and display as before.

The Bluetooth Receiver adds audio playback and Hands Free Calling to the stock head unit. It has an integral microphone mounted inside the head unit. It can be paired with smartphones, tablets, or other Bluetooth A2DP enabled transmitting devices. Once paired and connected, your OEM head unit can receive music wirelessly from your smartphone, tablet, etc.

To operate the Bluetooth receiver, first switch the OEM radio from AM, FM, or CD to Bluetooth mode by pressing and releasing the “DOLBY” button on the front panel. The display will change to “TAPE”. Next press and hold the “A.SELECT” (Power) button on the front panel for approximately 2 seconds to bring the Bluetooth Wireless Audio Receiver into pairing mode. The LED on the A.SELECT button will light when pressed. A four note “up-scale” will sound when the receiver is powered on in pairing mode.

After the receiver is successfully powered on, the receiver can be paired with your smartphone. (You can carefully open the cassette door to observe alternately flashing blue and red LEDs while in pairing mode.) Activate Bluetooth on your smartphone and set it to search for new devices. Select “TaoTronics TT-BR05” on your phone. Once paired, the red flashing light will stop and a beep will sound.
hi my names kent was hoping to get my 1994 nsx radio repaired tuner does not work .Is it possible for you to repair and get any upgrades you can do to blue tooth .can you please email me at kentrichards1956@gmail,com.Could you leave me a number i can call you back at thanks kent ALSO you could call me at 604 358 0766
Hmm, that's a great price. I'm going to reach out to him.

what do you mean that's a great price. Liam looking for the fellow who had repaired gentleman radio i did not give price of anything read my post!!
you can reachChris' contact info: @cmc140 (Prime contact) or (cmc140 AT gmailDOTcom).

I do not repair this stuff, this was simply a review I did of Chris' services. He is absolutely excellent and a doing a huge service to the NSX community.

I have nothing but good things to say about Chris and this service. Totally worth it and way better/cost effective vs. other options.
Short version:
No more CMC140 radio repairs or upgrades.

Long version :(
It’s with great sadness that I must report the loss of a good friend last week. His name was Bob and he was wildly intelligent with an old school eccentric charm. He knew it all without being a know it all and was just fun to hang out with. I will miss him dearly. He was the guy who did all of the radio repairs and Blue Tooth modifications because he loved a challenge, solving problems, and being busy.
The radio repair business started because he wanted something to do that would keep his mind sharp while also giving him an escape from his health issues. It was my intention to become a vendor and advertise when I thought he was up to it. Unfortunately, that day never came and he could only handle the business we got word of mouth.
For those of you who did find us, thank you very much as your radio repairs meant a great deal more than you probably knew. As for doing any repairs in the future without Bob, it probably isn’t going to happen.


@RSO34 would you please delete my super-secret email out of RC's original post? -Tia
wow, so much talent and knowledge lost just like that. Truly unfortunate, RIP Bob.

I am forever grateful for the radio mod service and use it all the time when i go cruise in the mountains.

This was one of the most innovative and useful member-driven NSX mods i came across.

I thank you, Chris for all your efforts and my OEM amps/radio thank you as well.

my apologies for the e-mail drop, i tried to be "discrete-ish" and now it wont let me go back and edit the post