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Coin tray install help

29 August 2009
Phoenix, AZ
Can someone tell me how difficult it is to remove and install a new coin tray in the console?

Part # 77298-sl0-a00za
Still looking for info on the coin tray. Thinking about ordering a new one as the felt in mine is getting kind of matted down. Don't want to do it if I have to pull out the center console to do it.


It's not difficult but if you find it too difficult, take it to the dealership.
Make sure you use a plastic prying protector as recommended in the service manual. It'll save you from scratching that high dollar center console. Done it several times. Remove the clock, then the air vent, then everything else is just little screws. Once you get past the air vent, your golden.
Hey Rob, I a, looking for a broken/bad coin tray to mould into something else, if you have no use for the old one I will buy it.
You can use BrianK's instructions.


You, of course, don't need to remove the CCU.
i cant thank those who write well documented info like that. pics, every step... lot of info on these older cars in todays technology age are text only.

i recently did something similar and wished i had a camera... but glad someone else did :p. Thank you!
Pulled my center out a few times (long story with a double din install, /e) but after 2- 3 times doing it, I can pull a center console out in 5 minutes. And I am wrench slow if you know what I mean, so you should be fine.
Come on over to my place and I'll remove it and you can see how easy it is. Just PM me.
Phoen$x and I just removed his console for refinishing. Hopefully He will get it back soon for the reinstall. :smile:
Thanks for the offer NSXTR but my tray isn't worn enough to take the console out for. I am just too, too picky! I just want it to look brand new like the rest of my car. Whoever buys my NSX (when I go to see it) is going to get one in 98% new condition!