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Color of car a deciding factor?

2 September 2012
Phoenix, AZ
I found a nice 94 with maintenance up to date, all stock, etc.. just what I'm looking for. About to ask the owner to get a PPI performed.

However, the only thing I'm not 100% satisfied about is the color of the car - black.

Current owner uses an orbital to polish it, and it looks nice and shiny from the pictures. Won't be able to judge the paint quality myself until I purchase a plane ticket.

Told myself I would never own a black car. Looks absolutely beautiful when washed and polished, however it requires continuous effort.

Would the color of the car end your search even though it met all other requirements, especially black paint?
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Absolutely 100% color is a deciding factor for me (At least my personal cars). I love black and have always owned black cars. A lil spray detailer can a soft micro fiber and you all good. I think location plays a big part on color choice as well. If you live in dusty desert climates or it rains 90% of the year get a light color car. Especially if you don't have the patience to up keep the paint. My daily driver is silver and I despise it in every way (I payed 7k below dealer cost and i can deal with the color). But I rarely wash it and it looks clean all the time. Ultimately its up to you. Make a list of the things you want and number them. If color its #1 on your list don't waist your time looking at anything other then want you want.

Edit: I would not even look at a black car if I lived in AZ. I was in Phoenix a few months ago and forget about it you wont be able to grab the door handle without being branded.
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If the car is truly a STEAL, then I would go for it. Otherwise, wait for one to come along that you LOVE.
Hold off till you find the right color to prevent future regret. I hunted everyday online for 4 months and passed up some good deals on colors I was not fond of (red/black/yellow) till I found one of the 2 colors I was after (Monaco Blue Pearl/GPW). No regrets!
I regret not wiating for the right color. Black was never my favorite, but ended up with a beautiful black NSX. Should have waited for a yellow one, but at the time I wanted a coupe. Now im not so sure I wouldnt have minded the targa top.
I owned two black cars... never again. I can tell you half the times i didnt use it b/c i didnt want to clean it before going out.

I only wanted silver and 05... took a while and found it....

then i only wanted Imola, took longer and found that.

take your time and the right car will come along.
Pass on it. Hold out for something you really want.
I agree.

For some people, they really don't care, and that's fine, those folks can get any color and be happy. But since you DO care, get what you want. There are plenty of cars out there that aren't black - something like 70-75 percent of all NSXs.
I wanted a black...for the reasons you don't. When I brought my car home and within 30 minutes started washing it..my wife exclaimed..."you'll probably spend more time cleaning this car than you do driving it".

I settled for red...but it was 99% of every thing else I wanted. Red was my second choice anyway.
Color was paramount for me. Lucky enough to have some nationwide help in my search and very lucky to see that beautiful car everyday for the last 11 years.

My last black car was an '05 S2000. It is my last black car. 2 hours of pollen in the spring-time will bring out the hose.

When I was 18 my mom gave me a stock 1934 Ford (2 door sedan) for my HS graduation (it was an antique). It had the original Henry Ford black paint in impeccable condition. I replaced the mohair interior with leather, the '34 flat-head with '50 Mercury flat head, put in a 12 volt system and hydraulic brakes and finished it off with reversed chromed wheels and baby moon hub caps. Now washing that car 2-3 times a day was pure fun. God, I wish I still owned it.
There are a few colors I would say no way (like orange). But I would prioritize mechanical things over color. A great 94, the last year of the original coupe design, unmolested by tacky mods, and in sound mechanical condition seems like a great find to me, even in the wrong color.

I see SO many ugli-fied NSXs for sale that I would have a hard time passing on it.
While color may or may not be the deciding factor black is a Great color. It may take some effort to keep clean, but there is nothing more rewarding than cleaning/polishing a black NSX. Check out the center spread in the original NSX hardcover sales brochure! See what I mean!:smile:
When I was shopping Maintenance and care were my top priorities. I say pick 2 colors the one you really want and a back up. My case White with the black roof was my 1st choice but I found the red/black(which was my 2nd choice in colors) that was well maintained and cared for. You won't be sad if you buy a black car, they look good clean. And if this is your weekend toy then don't worry. Washing/waxing the car is half the fun of driving it...atleast for me it is..
Black in Phoenix could be scorching hot....

My wife own's a black car... it is beautiful when polished and clean. It seems to stay that way fairly well around here as long as it doesn't rain and isn't too windy.

The older NSX's like mine come with a black roof. Most times I don't have issues with it... but this past weekend I was near a field were there were people working .. I had to keep dusting the pollen off the car. It really showed up on the black.

I would think Shawn would be chiming in soon... he has a Black NSX and loves it. They are beautiful cars when clean.

Technically Black and White aren't colors... or at least that is what I was always told in art class.

If you would rather not have a black car, I would keep looking. But if it is a nice, well maintained car, it might be worth it.

Like Nukem said, washing the car is half the fun... I find washing the car relaxing and enjoyable. I've always enjoyed washing cars though, detailing them... and way back when painting them.

Keep us posted and then post pictures when you finally get one.
My last two cars were red and I told myself that my NSX purchase would be any color but. After looking at a white, silver and black, I decided on a red one b/c it met all my other criteria whereas the others didn't. No regrets.:biggrin:
I don't much care but a yellow one would cause me to make a lower offer and a red one probably would too. The cars draw enough attention whenever they venture out, they don't need to glow in the dark too. Give me black, silver, or white, certainly that dark dark green they painted some of them, a deep blue doesn't bother me a bit either.