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Comment on the NSX being overpriced, I wrote this up to reply

27 June 2010
A friend posted this after I put the car up for sale on a lsx forum I am on. I wrote this up as a reply, let me know what you guys think.

Jesus Christ and I thought Supras were the most overpriced car out there. That's nothing against you at all Bijan as I'm sure your price fits right in line with the general pricing of these cars but fuck me.

I wouldn't say so, out of all the cars in that price range it certainly delivers in many different aspects. The shifter is the best factory shifter I have ever felt, and the sound of the engine behind your head roaring to 8000rpm's is beyond addictive. The pedal placement is oh so sweet for those heal toe downshifts, while the electronically assisted steering turns off at higher speeds for scalpel like feedback. Without an engine up front the polar moment of inertia is nil, and while the tires are very narrow compared to the vettes and vipers of today they work with the driver to make you a hero as you bend into apex after sweet apex(enjoying the thought the chassis is setup just the way Ayrton Senna would have wanted it). The other benefit of having the engine out back is the forward viability, something Gordan Murray used as a target on the Mclaren F1, as are several other aspects. Here is a neat qoute from the man:

'Of course as you know, the engine has only six cylinders; however, the NSX’s very rigid chassis is excellent and would easily be capable of handling more power. Although it’s true I had thought it would have been better to put a larger engine, the moment I drove the “little” NSX, all the benchmark cars–Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini–I had been using as references in the development of my car vanished from my mind. Of course the car we would create, the McLaren F1, needed to be faster than the NSX, but the NSX’s ride quality and handling would become our new design target" More for those who may be bored http://www.carzi.com/2008/11/22/gordon-murray-reflections-on-the-acura-nsx/

Which reminds me the ride is unbelievable, better than the Porsche 997 turbo or Gallardo( let alone the Z06 or the GTO now with full suspension) the car currently shares garage space with. I mean I could go on and on about the car, its just a neat ride and man does it turn heads. I will be the first to admit it is a little lacking in the power department and I look like donkey kong driving the thing, but 4.6 seconds to 60 and low 13's in the 1/4 is not slouchy by any means.

Let me ask, do you consider a late 90's early 2000's hummer overpriced, how about a ferrari 328 from the late eighties? But they have brand cache perhaps, then what about a late 90's viper GTS, a dodge that still sells for the high thirties to low forties, both it and the hummer had a lower MSRP than the NSX. I think the NSX is more exciting to drive(oh and still a honda so its solidly RELIABLE and cheap to maintain or fix), its certainly more fun than a porsche 993 from the same era or even the 997 NA1 car I had a good bit of seat time in. Although a newer vette is certainly more of a sledgehammer of performance or a CTS-V is a sedan of wonderment, they certainly wont retain value like this, or turn heads like this car will. Lets not forget this car has many of the technological firsts that have finally made it into production, first sports car with titanium con rods, all aluminum chassis, variable valve timing, etc etc etc. I would put this car on a playing field far different from a supra, which has retained its value for a completely different reason. Besides when was the last time you saw an NSX, out of 18k produced there around half that in the states. Its certainly full of intrinic value, thats just my opinion on it. Thought I may share what I feel about the subject, as I can see several people sharing this opinion. One that without some good living time with the car could certainly be implied from the basic performance statistics found in any magazine, I mean this is not an insane numbers car or brute by any means, but it is certainly a true drivers car and very rewarding to drive. No offense taken bud!
Holy smokes that's one hell of an essay response.

I would have just said:

Not really.
3rd gen Prius Five $29,805.
What the....

Here is what you should have said:

"Which is "overpriced"? The "bargain car" that lost all its value on its way to becoming your "bargain" and continues it's way to becoming "worthless" within your possession? Or the "overpriced" car that holds its value and costs you nothing to own? I suggest you think about that"

That's it. You're done. You don't ever need t explain yourself to someone who doesn't get it. He has nowhere to go because he hung himself.
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"heel" not "heal". "visibility" not "viability". "intrinsic" not "intrinic". More accurate to compare to 348 & 360 for Ferraris of the same period. I have no idea what "997 NA1" is supposed to be referring to. Non-turbo 997? 1997 NA2 NSX??
"heel" not "heal". "visibility" not "viability". "intrinsic" not "intrinic". More accurate to compare to 348 & 360 for Ferraris of the same period. I have no idea what "997 NA1" is supposed to be referring to. Non-turbo 997? 1997 NA2 NSX??

Probably refers to 997.1 911 base carrera
Pre 09
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Yup forgot the correct designation. Thanks for the spellcheck.
I wonder what the reply from that was.
It looks like he got under your skin. Just brush off comments like that, it's not worth trying to explain yourself to those that don't understand.
I enjoyed reading, Thanks.

Yeah, my spelling on here has suffered too since the spell check no longer works for me.

The reality is the nsx is overpriced to everybody in terms of hp/dawllar value except their owners and fans. Nothing to get upset about. Everybody is entitled to their opinions and you are entitled to ignore theirs.
Great Response, I enjoyed reading it! Maybe a little more info than
he can understand. Now I want to leave the office and go home to
pull mine out of the garage and go for a drive .. LOL!
From someone who is looking at your car as a possible purchase, I thought your offer is reasonable.
Don't even bother explaining it. All you need to do is point to retained market value over time which is evidence that all serious buyers find it desirable enough to justify the purchase prices. By definition, it is not overpriced unless you price it above market value. People who badmouth the high resale value of the car want it to be lower so they can purchase it low!
There is an excruciatingly simple and effective response to comments like that:

Price is what you pay, value is what you get.

If they don't understand that, you might as well argue with a brick wall.