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compilation of crack girl on motorcycle

interesting that the first time visitor is asked for their birthday and zip code.

if the visitor's system and browser is not set to rigidly guard their identity, this is a great - if seemingly innocent - means of harvesting personal information to steal the first time viewer's identity.

using bogus info and setting your browser/system to "you ain't seein' nothing" or using sites like this http://www.the-cloak.com/login-accept is a basic means of restricting bad things from happening.

help, the paranoids are after me :)

be well, all.

(btw, the video wasn't bad, either ;)
thanks/ good find. cool vids
e46 vs GSX........hahahhhahahaha.....
headshot99r6 said:
do ya think the m3 even tried?

most likely....but the funny part was his engine at the end...the piston probably shot through... :biggrin: