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Trove of NSX Pics Online Going Away Soon

30 January 2005
Sarasota, FL
I'm giving up some internet domains and on the chopping block is the gallery where I've long kept all my car show pics. I was an owner for 12 years, went to plenty of shows and events, and took hundreds and thousands of pictures, many of which ended up here.

Yeah, lots of pics of my car but also dozens and dozens of other NSXs I met along the way. Feel free to snag any that you want. Note that larger size versions are usually available. The site will be up for at least another couple months, so no giant hurry, but it is going away. End of an era and all that. :(

Nice to see a familiar member back , thanks for the pics!
Thank you, @heySkippy!

In 2017 I bought a certain NSX out of Florida. I found it depicted in your NSXcapades albums - nice to have photos of it from 2010 and 2012. 🏎️
So I went to my GoDaddy account page and this domain is now scheduled to die Apr 1, 2024 --- but --- I'm going to put the name up for sale so if someone wants to buy it, it could be considerably sooner.

It was great. Sorry about all the dead links in old threads after the domain dies/moves.
She's been well taken care of Skippy. I'd love a copy of the website if you don't mind. I'll put it on a USB stick with the maintenance book.


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