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I have ordered from mark and have never had anything but excellent service and expediance in the delivery department.
I can't get him to answer my e-mails or phone calls. I bought seats from him and can get no feedback as to whether or not I can get brackets for them. In the mean time, here they sit, on my living room floor. Two weeks of e-mails and phone messages have gone unanswered, even though all I want to know is if he has brackets available. I am about 48 hours from boxing the seats back up and returning them.

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these posts remind me that i've given up waiting to hear back about having unfinished work completed by another mark who installed the blower on my car. perhaps they just don't have the time....

be well.
David, if you return the seats, you may not get your money back promptly, given the lack of correspondence from Mark AND you won't have any tangible collateral left to hold on to. It seems like lately, it's a random toss up of whether or not one receives parts promptly or not from Dali. I would like to believe that this is only due to the item being out of stock and not lack of follow through. Since you are lucky enough to have the seats already in your possesion, I would hold on to them & research whether or not the Taitec seat mounts offered by Science of Speed would fit your seats--they even have the advantage off sliding rails. If not, I would consider selling them and recouping your money that way, as seats are in pretty high demand for the NSX given the tendency of the driver's side bolster to wear & tear. I personally have had prompt & professional service from Mark. He even custom made an engine cover plate in an otherwise unavailable brushed finish for me, it did take about 2 months, but knowing that it was a special request, I had no problem waiting. I'll have to admit, after hearing some of the other negative experiences, I try to find comparable products via RM, Comptech, SOS, or used. Hard to beat some of Dali's prices on new stuff though! Just my 2 cents.
I have had a problem with MJ for a while now.
I ordered a racing hood from him. I had a used hood dropped off at his shop in jan. which i paid $400. for. Its sept he hasnt answered my emails may or june. so i'm considering it as a loss.I brought it up to the nsx-list but i didn't bring it up on any of the forums.Henry never got his wheels back and at least 15 other people had problems with mark.So my advice to you David is def. dont send him the seats back you prob wont get a refund.
Good Luck
Paul M
hi all,

after my post re "cleanup work" on my blower install, mark basch contacted me and we discussed the issue... seems there was a breakdown in communication and in all fairness, i believe we're on our way to a near-term, positive and customer-oriented resolution and wanted the board to know it.

It seems I have been lucky, having got my 20 $ (!!!) back from this guy ! He used 20 seconds of his precious time for giving money back to me by PAYPAL, so if he wants, it's a question of a half-minute...IF HE WANTS !
I want to post my experience with Dali, as I too have had problems with Dali.

I ordered 2 keychains and the NSX DVD from Dali in March 2001. I received the 2 keychains within 2 weeks and was very happy. After finding out the NSX DVD did not play in US DVD players I emailed MJ and cancelled my DVD order. Using the credit I asked for the Valentine 1 mount. Two weeks later Dali sent me the DVD anyway and I had to ship it back to him and explain via email the problem. After 2 months of waiting for the V1 mount I asked him for either the Dali fire extinguisher mount or a refund. At this point my emails, phone calls, voicemails and IMs became unanswered. (It's funny how every complaint starts with all of a sudden, he stop answering my emails, calls, etc.)

After seeing Paul M voice his complaints on the NSX list, I posted my complaint there also and there soon became a small group of 10-15 NSXers who were also disatisfied. One NSXer who lived relatively close to Dali offered to go to Dali and help resolve everything. MJ denied his offer saying that he would take care of his own matters.

A week later I received an email from MJ with some options, either the V1 mount+shipping, extinguisher, or my $50 refund. I opted for the refund and was credited via Paypal within 10 minutes.

Now my opinion on this whole fiasco is that I probably would have waited for the V1 mount if I got return feedback on the situation. I would have bought the fire extinguisher mount too. But, the type of customer service responses that I and the rest of the group was just plain rude and unprofessional. In addition, the fact that I would have to pay for shipping again as one of my options was just an insult since I did pay for shipping already AND I paid to ship the DVD back too. I would never order anything from Dali again and would not recommend Dali and MJ to anyone unless they want to gamble with their money. I just don't understand how anyone can become so disinterested in retaining business, remaining professional and making a good name for their business.

I think of our 10-15 person complaint group, I am the only one who got my money back. As far as I know, the rest are still waiting and waiting and waiting...

Anyone want 2 Dali keychains, mine are tainted.

Also David, I would not send the seats back either, you won't get your money back any time soon, if ever.


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did you folks ever get resolution on these issues? did you hear back from mj via email or otherwise? fyi, (at least) the nw nsx list received an email from him today.
Here's a little positive feedback for Mark. I bought tons of stuff from him last November. One of the items that I paid for was the Ston'd radiator shield.... everything I ordered came fairly promptly except the shield. It was not in stock.... After waiting a while, I sent him an e-mail saying that I'd rather just apply the amount towards another item... but neither of us ever really followed through. So, he's had my $45 dollars for about a year and he just sent me an e-mail the other day bringing this up. He then sent me the polished engine cover immediately instead of the shield. So, he gets acclaim for his honesty after so long and his generosity for sending me an item that is at least $50 more expensive for no extra charge.... Thanks Mark!

Todd Arnold

It was my understanding that if you are paying by credit card for a particular product that you must ship it out within 24-48 hours from charging the credit card? I could be very wrong in this, but it is also a reason when I need to order parts overseas for my customers, I always eat the initial cost and only receive payment upon shipping the product out. Its just good business that way.

2001 S2000
Well, Mark was nice enough to spend quite a bit of time with me on body kit stuff, and I'm sure he is probably like a one man internet operation and get's thousands of other emails from other people all looking to drop 5 grand on performance stuff all day long. I was just about to place an order with him this week actually for a whole bunch of stuff that we discussed prior.

However, failure to ship goods and not communicating are clearly unacceptable. I would be very hesitant to send him my money after reading this post unless he calls me directly and explains what is up.

If I sent money off and didn't hear anything from any vendor after a reasonable period of time I know I would bring down legal headaches on them like they have never seen.
It is just a matter of principal to me...

Just my 2 cents.
I ordered a cup holder and Radio holder about a month ago. Mark provided me with excellent service. He responded to my inquiry and I had my items express mail before I expected them. This was my first purchase from Dali, but in the past Mark has been quick to respond to my inquiries about products he offers.

My experience was a positive one. Just thought I would share my experience with you guys.

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Just wanted to share my order experience with Mark Johnson. I had never ordered from Mark before but was cautious from all that I had heard through these forums. However, I must say that my order of a Smartenna from Mark went very smoothly and quickly. I just recently got my NSX, but Mark was great and responded to my e-mails quickly and I received the unit within days. I've dealt with many vendors before for my 95TT Supra, but none have responded as well as Mark.