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Comptech Exhaust problem..

14 September 2000
folsom CA
As usual I have questions..

OK since I purchased the NSX i noticed a rattling noise comming from the under belly of the car.. so when I was working on a friends car he decided to help me find out what was wrong with the NSX..

So we fired it up and the car didnt make the noise.. so we had to drive to the autoparts store to get some parts we forgot to buy.. then the noise showed up.. so he went to the back of the car and looked.. well guess what.
The tip of the comptech exhaust I have is loose and is moving each time I give the car gas.. It only moves when the exhaust is hot.

Does anyone know if it is welded on or does it screw on? I havent had anytime to put the car on a lift.. yet if it is welded on I am going to take it off and drop it over at comptech.

'92 Sebring Silver NSX #181