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Comptech Exhaust with what headers?

9 September 2007
Chicago Burbs
When I purchased my car, it came with a comptech exhaust. It sounds nice, but I would prefer something a bit more aggressive. I can't justify getting rid of it at this point so I thought I would start a thread to investigate other options. Anyone else have the competch exhaust with aftermarket headers? Looking for something that would be a bit louder, without rasp. Of course anything that would sound as nice as a Ferrari would be ideal. ;) :D thanx
From what I've gathered on the forums, the OEM headers on your 02 are decent and doesn't need any changing.

Just dump the Comptech and keep an eye out in the for sale forum for any of the following:
Taitec GTLW

Just my $0.02
I talked with Science of Speed about replacing my OEM with a cat back system, I choose an ARK DTX over the Comtech based on their recommendation that the Comtech was not as aggresive as the ARK, you can go to their wed site and hear some sound bite of the exhausts they carry.
I just got by new exhaust yesterday and plan on an install ASAP. Hope I'M not dissapointed.:
My car came with the comptech exhaust on it also. I do like the sound of it, just felt like a change. I bought a used v5.1. I haven't installed it yet, but I think I'll be happy with it.
There was a thread a while back where someone did a dyno difference in aftermarket headers and factory NA2 header manifolds. HP difference was very miminal if I recall correctly. Maybe someone here has a better memory than me and remember who.:redface:
When I bought my car it had the comptech headers and exhaust and I wasnt satisfied with the tone either. After I put on some test pipes the exhaust sounds much better.
what is the inside diameter of the comptech headers and exhaust? which test pipes would be the best fit keeping the same id?
Installed headers (Top Speed F1) and exhaust (Zero tek www.zerotek.net) about a month ago. Still not used to the agressive sound. Exhaust is similar in construction to Ark DT-S (twin tubes/cans, Huge 120 mm tips) but not exactly sure of sound comparison between the two. From the clips I've heard, the twin can exhaust (DT-S, Taitec parallel, etc.) are more agressive than large, single can types. Actually feels like zero back-pressure too. Noticed the smoother band and power surge over stock setup. Also switched to UniFilter for intake. Anyway, so much for anonymity.

Signed, Self-conscious...

Best of luck in your pursuit of that perfect sound... Tim.
I have 97+ oem headers coming with my car if you want to trade I can throw in some extra money. Does anyone know the collector diameter of the comptech headers? I am going to make test pipes and exhaust adapters all one piece in 2.25 diameter pipe to match the dc sports 2.25 exhaust. It would be nice to have it 2.25 all the way out but I'm not willing to spend over a grand on a header for a couple horsepower when I can get it free with the aem. I'm totally blowing the car budget this year between the purchase and the clutch, shocks, bodykit, and bits I am ordering already. I don't have the car yet but I can't imagine that quiet dc exhaust is going to last that long before I either rob a bank or build my own affordable exhaust. I got a lot of neighbors that are going to be expecting me to piss them off every day. I wouldn't want to disappoint them. Sh!t, for $1000+ I could build two or three until I get just the right sound. My del sol would draw at least 5 or 6 neighbors on the block to their porches by the time I would come around for the second lap around the block on my test and tune drives. Ohhhhh, 9000rpms....luv it. That had a 2.5" straight pipe all the way back from the collector though. Well If you want I could help you make something or at least some test pipes. I'm not the best welder, they hold, not the prettiest, but we can tack them and take it to a pro for finish welding. If you want to wait a month I should have something done by then that you can check out. I am going to jet hot coat the stock 97 headers and test pipes. they should turn out good. Look at oldmnsx's here, I am going to cut the heat sheild tabs off though, but real nice hey.

I used to own a honda tuning shop up in wisconsin so I have a decent tool collection and might pick up a midrise lift for the winter so I can drop the motor(damn small chicago garages can't fit a 2 post bla bla bla, stupid tape measure!). Let me know if you ever need help with anything or need to use or borrow a tool. I'd be happy to help when I have the time.
I have the Comptech exhaust with Cantrell headers and test pipes and i think it is loud compared to stock. Before i ordered headers i called SOS and asked which ones to buy based on what i was looking for which was; maximum HP gain with minimum sound increase and quality durability. They recomended the Cantrell headers to me. My cats were old so i figured i would replace them with test pipes. The car is now louder than i would like it so i will probably start with replacing the test pipes with some high flow cats and see how that sounds. If its still too loud then i will replace the Comptech Muffler next. The problem is that i have heard that only the HKS and RSR mufflers are quieter than the Comptech and both of them are very hard to come by.

I like the looks of the Arc dts the best the dtx sounded more my speed but they are both louder than Comptech imo.

If you are simply looking for more sound then i would recomend trying test pipes first. They are cheap and if your cats are old and clogged then you might see some HP increase as well.:wink: