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Comptech Front Camber Bushes

I saw those when doing my front camber bushings. I chose to go Comptech because I was worried of the clearance relief on that bushing. I don't want that thing spinning around once pressed in. It doesn't need a split relief cutout if it was machined to the correct tolerances imo
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You may also want to contact @titaniumdave at Cedar Ridge Fab, I thought he made the same bushings.
Ti Dave's bushings are non compliance units that get installed in the front uprights. They bring the lower a-arm either outward or inward more. These CT Bushings achieve similar concept but they bring the upper a-arm inward more (or outward depending on orientation in which installed) and the lower arm same thing. The CT bushings get pressed into the arms themselves. The Cedar Ridge get pressed into the front uprights at the bottom.
Here was my thought process when using the Comptech Camber bushings. Since they don't sell the bottom vs top individually, you have to buy them both. I only used the bottom bushing on the lower control arm. My goal was to achieve more static neg camber gain. By putting it on the bottom you can increase track width a tiny bit. Since I have the S2K EPS my steering angle has actually increased to where my inner front wheels will rub on my control arms depending on the articulation of the suspension at full lock. Adding the track width helped with this situation. Adding more front track width also helps with overall handling except maybe at the slight expense of added scrub radius - I was more than happy with the tradeoff. I also have wider downforce fenders so it was a win win. If I wanted to add neg cam and not increase the track width slightly i'd put on the top camber bushings only. In my opinion going with both top and bottom is just way too much neg camber but in theory would have neutral impact to track width.

@whrdnsx FYI - the latest Comptech / Driving Ambition design no longer pressed into the arm and locks when torque is applied to the cap. This improvement vastly increases the ease of installation as well as use as you can reposition the offset if need be and you aren't in a jam if it seats improperly.

I would hit up Shad at Driving Ambition for the latest or perhaps Nick at Applied Motorsports has some in stock as he was able to help me get a set of the latest.