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Suspension Comptech front camber bushings

21 February 2011
So Cal
Purchased these brand new but ended up going a different route. Brand new unused discontinued product.

$275 shipped. Con US. Internatonal shipping available too.

Item description from Comptech:

Competition Camber Adjuster Ball Joint Mounts Designed to replace the centered stock steel ball joint mounts pressed into the front upper & lower control arms

These mounts make it possible subtract up to 2 degrees camber

This allows alignment to be brought into the -4 degree range desired by track driven NSX's with slicks

These machined ball joint mounts will press into the upper and lower control arm and offset the main upright, giving you more static negative camber to start with, then adjust the alignment as normal to your specific track specifications

Once in place these mounts are fixed & can not be adjusted

Comes with parts for both front upper and lower control arms of the Acura NSX

Application: 91-05 Acura NSX