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comptech s.c. / 2000 nsx sound levels?

10 April 2000
Silicon Valley
hello all,

i've been invited to bring my 2000 to laguna seca in feb for an open track day. a friend who's driven my car wonders aloud if it's louder than the 92db limit allowed. any experience/comments re this? (i think it's a *bit* louder than stock, but hey, i'm old and my hearing may be shot... my wife certainly thinks so ;>)

thanks in advance and happy and safe holidays to all.
Whoa, depending on the date I'm willing to make the drive down there. I would KILL to be able to say that "I survived the Corkscrew". I hear its just killer. Where can I go for more info? Any Vancouver/Portland NSX'ers wanna form a Caravan?
I believe the one by tracquest are Monday and Tuesday. And it cost $600, but it comes with unlimited drink and food

I'm out if it's on weekdays
Andrie, I want to go to this event also. Lets meet somewhere. I will check into it tomorrow, do you have any contact info for me?

Also, can you private me about a set of LM's.