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Comptech Supercharger 9psi Upgrade???

23 January 2001
Panama City,Panama
I will like to know, if anybody has the 9psi upgrade kit,and what does it come with it. I understand that the kit comes with:

1) 6 Bigger Injectors
2) Another Fuel Press Regulator
3) Another Pulley.

Do I have to return my fuel press regulator as a core?"

Please tell me your impressions and also if it is worth. Also I will like to know if you really get 9psi.


I had the kit. With high lift cams, I was getting about 8 psi across the whole range. Dropped a bit below that at very high rpm. Got another twenty hp or so, if I remember correctly. 340 hp at the wheels with a 3L motor.

If money is not a problem, I would consider adding a better fuel controller, such as a Haltec. The problems you have tuning the standard set up only get worse with the 9 psi kit. That is, it becomes more and more difficult to precisely match the boost curve and fuel pressure curves. You end up being a bit lean at some points and a bit rich at others and just trying to make the best fit. If you get an engine management system, you can match fuel and boost all the way across.