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Comptech Supercharger question

17 November 2002
Santa Barbara, CA, USA
A friends 97 with Comptech Supercharger is not putting out full power. They thought it might be a vaccine leak, but cannot find location. I recall at one time that there is a large hose? In the intake manifold that connects to the Supercharger. if old the hose can distort and prevent full throughput of air. Anyone out there have some ideas on what to check?
No data logging on board? Fueling with the RRFPR?

I'd check belt slip.

The large hose can leak and cause hunting idle, which is a symptom of vacuum leak. That hose is the bypass path for compressed air to run back to the intake. I believe the original setup had a spring inside the hose to stop it from collapsing, so perhaps that could be an issue; in mine, the spring punctured the hose and caused a vacuum leak. My issue was hunting idle.