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Considering buying this NSX JH4NA2163YT000083

21 June 2004
Hi, I am new to NSX's and have been reading about them for a while now and finally going to take the plunge. I also have read another NSX Prime article about this car as well as many of you know it.


Anyways I was at their dealership last night saw this car and drove it and it seemed perfect. I will get a PPI done at Acura before I would purchase it but I have a feeling someone on this board previously owned the car or know some more information about it. I do realize it has a ticker on carfax been in a minor accident but the car drives great and I love the color. Let me know your opinions about it? Also car has some mileage on it so I can use it as a Daily in the spring/summer months.

Thank you,

Re: Considering buying this NSX

Search the VIN on google, and you will find a lot of prior postings on this vehicles.
I believe the front-driver-side fender has been replaced. I think they got it for $38,000.
So that is probably the bottom-line price.

P.S. It wa son my radar for a while, but yellow is not my cup of tea.
Re: Considering buying this NSX

even with that minor repair, $38k is pretty cheap. if you like the color go for it.
Re: Considering buying this NSX

I think it is a good deal as long as the PPI checks out and the title is clear. Yellow is a rare color.
Re: Considering buying this NSX

if they did get it for 38K, i cant see how you feel this owuld be thier "bottom line price"...
add taxes, insurance, detail and profit and i dont see how they can do it for 42K...

looks like a nice car, get new tires, those belong on an accord :)