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Convert nsx diff to nsx-r

so that is you ..hahahaha ...thanks for the info ...didnt even new that existed and easy to do

do u feal the diffrance

Cant really tell the difference at the dragstrip, but when I had the trans out to do new bearings I decided to do the diff as well. The car did go sideways once at 85 mph before I did the conversion, it hasn't done that since.
here you go i got these about a month ago they are not expensive just have to wait until i drop the engine for all the other maintenance bits i have planned and do this then
You need one: 41581-PR8-J00 (stopper plate) (Japan part)
You need two: 41696-PR8-000 (spring plate) (all world part)
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Is this mod good for ALL years differential? There was a redesign after 95 or 96 if I remember right.

1991-94 Only

1995 up is a very different design. It's pre-load increases as torque increases(torque sensing)

1991-94 required setting the pre-load statically(the spring plate above), for the NSX-R they increased the pre-load by quite a bit. I recall about 120 ft. lbs. vs 40ish ft. lbs.