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CoTA 2013

What mods for susp/brakes ect and what tires/pressures?
For mods:

Lowering springs (unknown brand)
Pole-2-Flag front and rear bladed sway bars
Side scoop intake, snorkel, or whatever they call it
Cedar Ridge Non-Compliance Front Pivot Clamps
Titanium 4-point rear brace (from Cody @ LoveFab)
Upper and lower front titanium bracing (from Cody @ LoveFab)
Aluminum brace that runs under exhaust that ties together where the e-brake cable mounts (can't recall what its called)
Pride headers + Pride lightweight full exhaust w/test pipes
Zanardi shifter + Short shift kit & SOS knob + braided clutch line kit
Carbon Carbon twin disc Exedy clutch w/lightweight flywheel
ATI Dampner
JDM short gears, 4.23 ring and pinion, + Honda NSX-R diff shim washers
Stoptech Trophy brakes front & rear + ebrake
Advan RS2 wheels
Shine GT front spoiler

I'm running NT01 tires (275/35/18 rear and 235/40/17 front) with probably 35psi rear and 36psi front. Depending on how fast they were heating up I might even go lower than that since they can get a bit greasy when really on it.

Case in point..... here I got black flagged for drifting, when I wasn't trying to! I'm sure with some more seat time at this track I could make some decent improvements in lap time. One thing that should help, is putting on the KW Clubsports that arrived 2 days prior to the event, that I haven't had time to put on the car. Once on, and corner balanced, that should improve things a bit, cause this car can lean quite a bit more than you would expect under a higher lateral G-force load.

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I think you will find significant time with the new KW...Having unknown springs with whatever shocks on a track day I find unusually amusing:tongue:...anywho at least you don't get to flustered getting out of shape..