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Could someone verify this for me

1 October 2000
San Diego, Ca
I just ordered an Alpine CHA-5624 cd changer(w/ ai-net) and Kca-130b din adaptor. I read the FAQ and believe this will work. Am I correct?
The Ai-Net changers will not work. You need the M-Bus changer. Check out my DIY section here: www.ScienceofSpeed.com for more info.

-- Chris


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Yes, you can connect an Ai-NET changer to the MBus OEM head unit as long as you have a changer that supports both such as the CH-S604, etc. That Ai-NET / 8-pin DIN adapter is the correct part number.

But you will also need the cable that switches polarity so the Alpine changer will be "in phase" with the OEM head unit. It's available from any shop that does Alpine installations.
I have a similar Alpine changer w/ a CVA-1000 LCD display and Nav system capability. I'm sure it can be done, but I don't know how much. I was told that to install most sound systems in an NSX, the whole thing has to be changed and the car rewired. Not sure of the truth in that statement, but my entire NSX sound system has been rewired so it's possible.
Ok, the installer at Good Guys said that the unit I purchased will work. He says that the adaptor KCA-130b is what makes it M-bus compatible..He mentioned that I need a Acu-oop(I have no idea what that means) cable and I would be good to go. Think I should trust him ?

The additional cable he is talking about is the one I mentioned above. I believe the product number is ACUALP (Acura/Alpine adapter).

It sounds like you are in good shape if the 5624 is dual-mode (Ai-NET or MBus) as the installer has indicated.
It should work. I am using an AI changer that can be switched to M-Bus. I did have to purchase both adapters/plugs. Just make sure you're changer has the M-bus feature and you should be ok.