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Couple of Pics from earlier today.

18 January 2002
Glenview, IL
These are from today, two of Germany's Best cars, side by side :)




That's some very nice photography. You do this as a profession? Come to Florida - I'd love to have you shoot my NSX and SLK side by side.
Thanks! Nope, don't do this as a profession. We just had some free time and it was a nice day out in Chicago, so we went out to take some pics. These were taken with a regular Sony digicam. My friend who's a professional graphics designer at my consulting company then did some photoshop magic.

I'll shoot you a PM whenever I head down to FL though :)

eye-balls vs. ballin'...

hmmm... Fab' pics Awais! The MB SL's front just makes me lose my appetite (oval lights)... looks like someone w/ a thyroid problem ---> :eek:
I actually saw an AMG SL today that had the aftermarket SL bonnet (hood), grill, and fascia; I must say that it looked very buff!

However the E46 M3 is an icon my book! Seems like you're really keen on it, ever consider trying to incorporate some Euro spec'd CSL attributes to yours?

And who's the chica?!? :: Wolf Whistle ::
Re: eye-balls vs. ballin'...

Thanks man! And yes, I have thought about adding some CSL parts like front-bumper and rear diffusor, but I want to add some go-fast mods before I change the looks of the car. And yes, I really like the M3. I think it's a great all-around car.

Don't know who the chick is...we just happened to have a pic of her and p-shopped her into the pic :D

Re: eye-balls vs. ballin'...

Here's another wallpaper-quality pic: